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Autobiography of a Yogi
Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952)


First published in 1946, this is an all time spiritual classic, translated into many languages and many universities worldwide included this book in the academic curriculum.

Lahiri Mahasaya told his mother when he was a baby ‘Little mother, thy son will be a yogi. As a spiritual engine, he will carry many souls to God's kingdom.' Indeed Yogananda became the spiritual engine to carry on the message of Kriya Yoga to the whole world.

Starting from his childhood, this book takes us through the life of Yogananda lifting our consciousness to a higher level.


This book is full of miracles explained by Yogananda in a humble way. He explains in the chapter ‘law of miracles’ that what we call as miracles is actually a natural ability of the spiritually advanced who merges with the infinite.

Yogananda gives an account of his early years of spiritual pursuit, searching for his Guru, meeting his Guru (Swami Sri Yukteswar), years in his Ashram, later on going to west and spreading the Kriya Yoga teachings in the west.

He writes fascinating accounts about his Guru Sri Yukteswarji and other Gurus in the path – Lahiri Mahasaya and Mahavatar Babaji.

Apart from his own story, this books contains a lot about various other spiritual personalities whom Yogananda met during his life – such as The saint with two bodies, Perfume Saint, Levitating Saint, Indian great scientist J C Bose, the blissful devotee Master Mahasaya, great catholic mystic Therese Neumann of Konnersreuth, Rabindranath Tagore, an interview with sacred mother Kashi Moni (Larihi Mahasaya’s life partner), Luther Burbank, Mahatma Gandhi, Ananda Moyi Ma, Giri Bala (The woman yogi who never eats).

Yogananda had said that this book change the lives of millions. Indeed this book influenced innumerable people around the world and continues to do so.

For those who are interested further in pursuing the path of Kriya yoga, there is a chapter in this book, devoted for this topic, where he gives the theory and other details of this path. However actual Kriya Yoga can only be learnt directly from the organizations authorized for this.

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