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Beyond Human: Claiming the Power and Magic of Your Limitless Self
Jaden Rose Phoenix

































Jaden Rose Phoenix, Author of 'Beyond Human'



About the book 'Beyond Human' 

The book 'Beyond Human' by Jaden Rose Phoenix is a practical guide for
connecting with our higher self, to go beyond the human limitations and manifest the abundance we always wanted in our lives.

If you think the theme is similar to 'Law of attraction', yes, it is but with a big difference. The focus in this book is on expanding consciousness helping ourselves and the world.


The book is divided into two parts. The first part deals with the techniques of expanding the consciousness and finding our place of power and the second part is on how to apply that power in our lives.

Jaden Rose starts the book with the concept of meta rules. Most times, our left brain thinking prevents us to put the effort required due to its doubts, distrust and fears. Unless we calm down our logical thinking, we can not really start our effort to expand our consciousness. Jaden suggests two things towards this goal. (1) Setting meta rules so that the logical brain is silenced (2) bringing the awareness from head to heart so that we can start the work of shifting our consciousness. The exercises in this chapter are very simple and practical to meet these objectives.

Next topic is on the basics of expanding consciousness. Jaden Rose clearly mentions that getting out of our head (logical thinking or left brain thinking) is the crucial ability to learn in order to progress in this effort. The exercises and meditations are well suited for this.

The next two chapters are on mapping the boundaries of consciousness, exploring various worlds and finding the place of power.

The exercises in part I form very important basis for manifestation mentioned in Part II.

In the second part, the author deals with using the expanded consciousness to create health, finances and relationships in three different chapters. In each of these areas, exercises or meditations are given to create the life we want. 

Jaden concludes the book with her experience that once the power flows freely in to our lives, manifestation becomes spontaneous.

Some highlights of the book 'Beyond Human'

  • The style and expression are extremely smooth and the flow in the book was effortless.
  • The experimental approach and practical sense of the author helped in making the complex subject easy and simple.
  • In the introduction to the book, author mentions that she is an ordinary person who achieved extraordinary results by experimentation and any one of us could do the same, the message which is very encouraging.
  • The quick reference guide to exercises given at the end of the book is very thoughtful and useful.

Things that could have been better

In the discussion 'Guru is dead', the original meaning of Guru seems to be mixed up. Originally the word Guru represented a person who expanded the consciousness to infinity. In the present days, the word Guru is used to mean an expert or by self styled gurus, both don’t fit into the original meaning. Nevertheless, the real message could be 'become your own Guru' as explained in the introduction of the book.


'Beyond Human' is a great resource with many practical exercises to expand the consciousness and apply the expanded consciousness to create the life we want and get better in every area of our life.

About the author

Jaden Rose Phoenix is the founder of Alchemy Wisdom, a healing arts centre. She has been a teacher and coach for 20 years and has been conducting transformational workshops for last 8 years.

'Beyond Human' is published by Cherryhurst Press.


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