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Heal Your Body [Kindle Edition]
Louise L. Hay (Author)

In this best selling book, Louis Hay establishes that physical disease is caused by mental patterns. She prefers to use the word as dis-ease and she explains that emotional patterns such as criticism, anger, resentment and guilt are the main reason behind physical ailment.

Even if we use medicines, for a permanent solution for the dis-ease, we need to release our mental patterns. Releasing involves understanding the mental pattern, taking a conscious decision to release it and using affirmations to induce positive patterns.

After the initial explanation, she outlines hundreds of dis-eases in a table, along with their probable cause in terms of mental pattern and what affirmation can be used in each case.

This is a little book with great value.










You Can Heal Your Life [Kindle Edition]
Louise Hay (Author)

In this book Louise Hay emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility for one's well being. The book starts with basic principles and gradually takes us to healing. We are above our physical body and it is possible to heal ourselves. She says -if you are ready to put mental work, almost anything can be healed.

She gives practical techniques such as affirmations and meditations for healing many physical conditions as well mental problems. This books is a valuable companion for anyone who believes in the power of mind.

You Can Create an Exceptional Life [Kindle Edition]
Cheryl Richardson (Author), Louise L. Hay (Author)

This book is another gem explaining the life principles that we can create the life we want and we can maintain our well being. Cheryl and Louise Hay share their thoughts in this book in an intimate conversational style, that makes us feel as if we are talking to our close friends.

Our small decisions every day form our life and this book is about how to make those small decisions.

Various topics addressed in this book include, loving ourselves, bringing abundance in to our lives and world, aging graciously, accepting death naturally and peacefully, creating positive relationships in our lives to name a few.

Great book to understand the application of spiritual principles in our lives.


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