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How To Win Friends and Influence People [Kindle Edition]
Dale Carnegie (Author)

This one coupled with the next are all time self help classics. First published in 1937, it was big hit since then. The book is relevant even today. In this book Dale Carnegie explains how to deal with people in a simple and clear way.

This book is a great companion for understanding people and to win them.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living [Kindle Edition]
Dale Carnegie (Author)

This is another classic from Dale Carnegie.

Dale Carnegie starts this book with the statement 'Those who don't know how to fight worry, die young'. Taking the examples from research on historical personalities and interviews with successful business men, this book is full of practical advice and common sense.

Taking different areas of life such as business, health, finance, Dale Carnegie gives suggestions on how to overcome worry in each of these areas and to be happy in your life.










How To Enjoy Your Life And Your Job [Kindle Edition]
Dale Carnegie (Author)

Much of the material in this book comes from the other two famous best sellers 'How to stop worrying and start living' and 'How to win friends and influence people'. However this book offers the advice specific to enjoying your life and job and can be a ready reference.

The simple suggestions include - Smile in the face of criticism, how to get people say yes immediately, make others feel important sincerely and how to turn routine daily tasks into exciting opportunities.

The Quick And Easy Way To Effective Speaking [Kindle Edition]
Dale Carnegie (Author)

Starting with the basics, this book offers great advice to improve the speaking skills. The author however adds that it is not enough to read about speaking, go out and do it to become better.

This book is derived from the 40 years of Dale Carnegie's speaking and teaching experience. He was known to be a great speaker and writer and his books are one of the best self help books even today.


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