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 The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success [Kindle Edition]
Deepak Chopra (Author)

In this best selling book, Deepak Chopra explains the seven principles and their application in order to achieve success. We are spiritual beings with a human body and our success depends upon understanding this concept. This book shows how to come out of control mode and fear mode of thinking and achieve happiness and success.

Deepak Chopra explains the seven principles - the law of pure potentiality, giving, karma, least effort, intention and desire, detachment and dharma. He provides practical suggestions for their application in to our daily lives.

The audio books is read by author him self.









On My Way To A Happy Life [Kindle Edition]
Deepak Chopra (Author)

On my way to a happy life is meant for children and teens, where Deepak Chopra explains in a lucid way the spiritual principles that make them happy and successful. This book is based on 'Seven spiritual principles of success' which was meant for adults.

Deepak Chopra teaches the spiritual principles or 'keys' in a way children can understand, appreciate and apply.









Creating Affluence [Kindle Edition]
Deepak Chopra (Author), Richard Carlson (Foreword)

Success and happiness depends on our thinking and we need to start the work with ourselves first. In this book, Deepak Chopra provides a series of steps and every day tasks that can create wealth easily and joyfully. These common insights, some of them may seem too obvious but you will know simple steps make the big journey.









The Ultimate Happiness Prescription [Kindle Edition]
Deepak Chopra (Author)

In the lines of 'The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success', in this book Deepak Chopra explains the basic concepts for a happy living. This book is precise, motivational, clear with practical advice.

The simple insights provided by Deepak Chopra are transformational.

The Soul of Leadership [Kindle Edition]
Deepak Chopra (Author)

This book is for managers teaching them the leadership based on spiritual principles. This book is based on Deepak Chopra's course that he teaches at Kellogg's School of Business at Northwestern University.

Deepak Chopra analyzes various problems at work place and suggests advice for a harmonious work place. The examples are very real and the exercises are practical and helpful.


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