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Dissolving the ego, realizing the self
Contemplations from the teachings of David R. Hawkins
edited by Scott Jeffrey
































Dissolving the ego, realizing the self 



In terms of spirituality, the famous Descartes saying - "I think so I am" (Cogito ergo sum) is not applicable. The actual realization 'I am' comes when we go beyond the mind. These are the thoughts that came to me when I opened this book.  


David Hawkins is the renowned author of Power vs Force among many other books. He researched on consciousness and probably one of the few today, who has great clarity about the nature of consciousness. Especially the map of consciousness as described in his book Power vs Force is amazing and when I read it first time, I felt that he combined mathematical accuracy into spirituality.  


The present book 'Dissolving the ego, realizing the self' is a collection of excerpts from his earlier books. But the beauty is they are organized and ordered in a manner that depicts the progress of spiritual path and so immensely useful for a spiritual seeker. Scott Jeffrey, the editor of the book, has added a great value by arranging the topics in this way, which otherwise would have remained a simple collection of quotes.  


At the same time, you can open any page from the book and read without any break in the context.  


Organization of the book
Dissolving the ego, realizing the self 


The book is divided into three parts.


Part I describes the 'self', in terms of ego/Mind. Spiritual evolution is equivalent to raising the consciousness. Normally the consciousness stays with the body and mind creating an imaginary ego. Only when we transcend the mind and ego, we can understand our higher nature. David Hawkins explains the nature of ego and mind with great clarity in these pages. 


Part II is about transcending the self 

Having realized that, transcending the ego and mind is the first task, the next step is to understand how to do that. There are various methods across the world religions and paths but David Hawkins takes an objective way of explaining rather than from a perspective of specific paths.  


In this section various methods such as going above the mind or no-mind, witnessing, meditation, devotion are included. Though these methods exist in various spiritual paths (such as Zen witnessing or Bhakti yoga, the devotion path in Yoga etc), David Hawkins' perspective is simple, not aligned to any specific path and clear.  


Part III deals with realizing the Self (the big 'S', that is the higher Self) 

In this section, the nature of the Self and/or God, the feeling of the presence of God, the concept of non-duality and enlightenment are discussed.  


This book is extremely well organized collection of David Hawkins and is an inspiring and encouraging book for those on spiritual path. 


Some good quotes from the book 


It is well to keep in mind at all times that the ego/mind does not experience the world, but only its own perception of it. 


All seeming separation is an artefact of thought. It is essential to see that the mind is at all times experiencing a point of view. 


It is not really necessary to subdue the ego, but merely to stop identifying with it. 


To watch the mind from a detached position is educational and non-stressful, and it can done with equanimity. 


When one realizes that one is the universe - complete and at one with All That is, forever without end - no further suffering is possible. 


About the author 


The book 'Dissolving the ego, realizing the self Contemplations from the teachings of David R. Hawkins was edited by Scott Jeffrey. Scott is the author of many books including Creativity Revealed: Discovering the Source of Inspiration and presently working on writing the biography of David Hawkins.  


This book is published by Hay House Publishers. 




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