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Dr Wayne Dyer Books

Wayne W. Dyer, Ph.D., is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development. He’s the author of more than 30 books, has created numerous audio programs and videos, and has appeared on thousands of television and radio shows. Many of his books have been featured as National Public Television specials. Wayne holds a doctorate in educational counseling from Wayne State University and was an associate professor at St. John’s University in New York.

Here is a special collection from Dr Wayne Dyer Books.

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In this book, Dr Wayne Dyer explains the power and role of mind in creating our life and how to use the principles. Normally we believe anything after we see it. But as the title of this book says, the actual principle works in reverse. When we start believing something, we start creating it in our lives.

Apart from the valuable content of this book itself, the most fascinating is the first chapter where he has given an account of his own story, how he left his comfortable job to explore the unknown with no security to back. A must read.



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If you're plagued by guilt or worry and find yourself falling unwittingly into the same old self-destructive patterns, then you have "erroneous zones" -- whole facets of your approach to life that act as barriers to your success and happiness. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer can now help you break free!

If you believe that you have no control over your feeling and reactions, Dyer reveals how much you can take charge of yourself and manage how much you let difficult situations affect you. If you spend more time worrying what others think than working on what you want and need, Dyer points the way to true self-reliance. From self-image problems to over-dependence upon others, Dyer gives you the tools you need to enjoy life to the fullest.

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In this book, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has reviewed hundreds of translations of the Tao Te Ching and has written 81 distinct essays on how to apply the ancient wisdom of Lao-tzu to today’s modern world. This work contains the entire 81 verses of the Tao, compiled from Wayne’s researching of 10 of the most well-respected translations of text that have survived for more than 25 centuries. Each chapter is designed for actually living the Tao or the Great Way today. Some of the chapter titles are “Living with Flexibility,” “Living Without Enemies,” and “Living by Letting Go.” Each of the 81 brief chapters focuses on living the Tao and concludes with a section called “Doing the Tao Now.”

Wayne spent one entire year reading, researching, and meditating on Lao-tzu’s messages, practicing them each day and ultimately writing down these essays as he felt Lao-tzu wanted you to know them.

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In this book, Dr Wayne Dyer's message about tapping into the power of intention may sound like good old positive thinking: just stay focused on what you want, rather than focusing on the lack of having what you want. But the teaching here goes deeper than just controlling thoughts (although he does acknowledge that thought control is a surprisingly challenging and significant endeavor). This book might help readers land a better job, but it's more relevant for those who are ready to detach from an ego-driven life filled with quick fixes of happiness and step into a more authentic, joyful, and spiritually fulfilling life. His core teachings speak to tapping into a universal source of energy that can also be called the "power of intention

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In this book, Dr Wayne Dyer provides nine principles for manifesting our destiny. According to Dyer, if we can just get out of our ego, the power of the universe would attract to us all we desire in our lives. .

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This is the story of two beings who came to earth from a different world. Filled with science wisdom and humor, this is a book with both science fiction and philosophy. The two beings help the people of earth to see themselves in a new light.


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