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Fried - why you burn out and how to revive
by Joan Borysenko
































Author of Fried - Joan Borysenko

Author of 'Fried'

Joan Borysenko


About the book 'Fried'

The book 'Fried' by Joan Borysenko provides an informative and healing perspective about burnouts and how we can come out of that. This book provides a thorough understanding of burnouts and approaches and solutions for healing.

Outline of the contents

The book starts with the detailed explanation about burnout. Joan Borysenko provides a clear description about the 12 stages of the burnouts. She had taken the definition of stages earlier defined by the late psychologist Herbert Freudenberger, who popularised the condition in his 1980 book, burnout:The high cost of high achievement and added some modifications and improvements based on her experience, research and social interaction. This division is highly helpful for anyone to understand the stage of burnout and paves the way for healing. The self exploration exercises given in this chapter are very helpful for this purpose.

After this, there is a discussion of depression medication. The author points out that while medication is helpful, it is important to connect ourselves with our spiritual nature to get really better. Then the various root causes of burnout are discussed like childhood experiences, acquired attitude, personality types and temperament. In this content a useful introduction was provided to Myers Briggs personality types and other research.

The very characteristic of a 'Fried' situation is low energy and Joan Borysenko discusses about energy management during a burnout and provides useful suggestions on handling and improving the energy.

But the actual healing from burnouts and avoiding further burnouts comes only after a inner change which happens by letting go and by practicing the power of presence. By connecting to our spiritual self, we grow above our self inflicted pains. These solutions were discussed in the last two chapters.

Throughout the book, the author quotes the experiences of friends from social interaction sites (face book) which help in better connection with the reader and have added further value to the book.

Critical points

The elaborate discussion on depression medication is highly informative but looked some-what out of place in the flow of the main topic.

A reference guide towards the end of the book pointing to all the exercises and meditations given in the book would have been very helpful to a reader who is interested in practising the suggested solutions. Request the author and publishers to add this in future editions.

Some good quotes from the book

Here are a few good quotes from the book 'Fried' by Joan Borysenko, which demonstrate the holistic approach displayed in this book:

  • Revival from burnout is always about the recovery of lost authenticity. It's waking up to who we really are and realizing that heaven is not a destination, but a state of mind.
  • Do whatever it takes to appreciate the wonder of the unique expression of Life that you are.
  • It gets exhausting when you believe that you're personally responsible for changing the world.


'Fried' is a very well researched and informative book for burnouts and the spiritual approach and solutions provided are very practical and helpful.

About the author and publishers

Joan Borysenko. Ph.D is a psychologist, medical scientist from Harvard and a spiritual educator. She has written 15 books and is a New York Times belling author. This book is published by Hay House Publishers.


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