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Inspiration from The Holy Science by Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri

Ref: Sutras 16-21, Chapter 2 (The Goal)


Existence, consciousness, and bliss are the three longings (of the human heart).

Ananda, bliss is the contentment of heart attained by the ways and means suggested by the Savior, the Sat-Guru.

Chit, true consciousness, brings about the complete destruction of all troubles and the rise of all virtues.

Sat, existence, is attained by realization of the permanency of the soul.

These three qualities constitute the real nature of man.

All desires being fulfilled, and all miseries removed, the achievement of Paramartha (the highest goal) is made.

In this stanza from The Holy Science, Swami Sri Yukteswar describes the basic nature and goal of a human being.

All of us want to be happy. Whether some one is chasing money or power or love or something else in life, every one is doing that to be happy. Nobody deliberately wants to be unhappy. So it is our basic nature to seek happiness.

But at the same time, let us say we had a good sleep in the night and was happy and relaxed in that sleep. However, we are not aware of that happiness once we get up from sleep. In other words, in sleep we were not 'conscious' of our happiness. So it is not enough if we are happy, we should be conscious or aware of that happiness.

Then third thing is we want to 'continue' that happiness. We don't want some fleeting happiness. In other words, we want the existence of ourselves and our happiness to be permanent.

So naturally as human beings, we are seeking happiness, we want to be consciously aware of that happiness and we want our existence to continue for ever. These natural desire of human beings are derived from the nature of our higher self, which is seeking happiness, consciousness and bliss.

We may think we will be happy by fulfilling some desire in the world but the real and permanent happiness with awareness is achieved only by realizing our higher nature.

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