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Autobiography of a Yogi written by Paramahansa Yogananda is an all time spiritual classic. The audio is narrated by Ben Kingsley. In this book, Yogananda provides a glimpse of his life starting from childhood, meeting various spiritual personalities, meeting his Guru Sri Yukteswar, his life in India, his later organization at America, details about Kriya Yoga and about various great saints.

Author:  Paramahansa Yogananda
Narrator:  Ben Kingsley
Genres:  Biographies
Publisher:  Self-Realization Fellowship Publishers
Date:  September 2004
Length:  18 hours

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 We can easily simplify our life by changing small things in our lives. In this thoughtful and practical book, Elaine St. James provides useful suggestions on how to simplify our lives in each of our areas.

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 Author:   Elaine St. James
 Narrator:  Elaine St. James
 Publisher:  Simon & Schuster
 Date:  December 2009
 Length:  6 hours

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The law of attraction as taught by Abraham. What we attract depends upon our vibration level and if we remember this fundamental concept, it is easy to get whatever we want in life. We don't have struggle if we know what needs to be done. In simple and clear style, Esther and Jerry Hicks explains the basic principles of the law of attraction.

Author:   Esther Hicks , Jerry Hicks
Narrator:  Jerry Hicks
Genres:  Religion & Spirituality, Self-help, Health, Body & Mind, New Age
Publisher:  Hay House
Date:  August 2005
Length:  4 hours

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The path is the autobiography of Swami Kriyananda (Donald Walters), a disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda. He established Ananda Sangha worldwide to disseminate the teachings of his Guru. Now Ananda Sangha is engaged in more than 40 countries of the world, established as a voluntary organization, teaching the Kriya yoga path and taking up various social help activities.

Author: Swami Kriyananda (J Donald Walters)

Publisher: Crystal Clarity Publishers

Date: June 2007

Length: 20 hours, 43 minutes

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