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Sri Yukteswar's Insight on Yugas

Yuga Theory from The Holy Science

In the introduction of his book 'The Holy Science', Sri Yukteswar explains the basis of Yugas and corrects the general perception that the present age is Kali Yuga. He explains with examples that we have entered Dwapara Yuga and human consciousness is gradually ascending.

In this page, you will find a short summary of the Yuga Theory of Sri Yukteswar. If you need the full version published earlier on this page, it is available in ebook pdf format, check the box below for details.

Yuga Theory of Sri Yukteswar in The Holy Science - in ebook format

The original version of this page, with longer and detailed information (published in May 2010)  is now available  in ebook format for free download. The download link can be found at the bottom of this page.

The present page contains a shorter, summarized version of the same.

Basis of Yugas 

The basis of Yugas is the celestial movement of the planets. Because of the inherent magnetism involved in planet movement, the effect of this magnetic attraction changes along with the movement. The change in magnetic field influences the human consciousness. As the planets move in cycles, consciousness also moves in cycles, from a low to high and then again from a high to low. Yugas are divided into four - based on the evolution of this consciousness.

Sri Yukteswar mentions that according to oriental astronomy:

  • Our earth and other planets move around the sun and the sun moves around a dual along with its planets. Present science has not discovered this dual yet though there were some observations about a second sun in the universe.
  • The sun also has another movement, it moves around a grand center called Vishnu Nabhi, the divine source of magnetism.
  • One revolution of sun around it's dual as well as grand center takes 24000 years.
  • During this movement, when the sun is nearer to the grand center the intellect of the Universe is fully developed and when it is far most, the intellect is least. This happens in a cycle depending on the revolving motion of the sun and each half cycle of ascending or descending takes 12000 years.
  • This half cycle of 12000 years is divided into 4 yugas with varying periods as below:

The 4 Yugas

The four yugas are as follows:

1. Kali Yuga: The first in the cycle with least consciousness. The duration is 1200 years. As mentioned above, here the sun is far away from the grand center or Vishnu Nabhi.

2. Dwapara yuga: Consciousness evolves to first level and the human consciousness can understand electric and magnetic properties of nature. We are presently at this stage. Proper Dwapara Yuga started in 1899 and we can find that after that, there have been many developments in the areas of electricity, electromagnetic waves, computers, internet and telecommunications. The duration of Dwapara Yuga is 2400 years.

3. Treta Yuga: Consciousness evolves further and human beings can understand the magnetism of celestial forces and how they influence the universe, our relationship with higher consciousness etc. The duration of Treta Yuga is 3600 years.

4. Satya Yuga: The sun is nearest to the grand center in its cycle and so magnetism is highest. In this age, the consciousness gradually develops to the full and human being can comprehend every subtle energy at the peak of Satya Yuga. The duration of Satya Yuga is 4800 years.

The above four yugas form one half cycle consisting of 12000 years (1200+2400+3600+4800). As the cycle continues, again Yugas retreat in the reverse order and consciousness also drops. This cycle continues. Minsobooks made an effort to represent this movement in the following diagram: 

Sri Yukteswar Yuga Theory Vishnu Nabhi

The original full text of Yuga theory published in minsobooks.com earlier is now available in pdf format, can be freely downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page.

Some examples for the Yuga or consciousness cycle

We have heard about pyramids in Egypt and wonder how they were built when there was no technology developed. Or in India how yoga and chakra system was developed and how saints got deep insights about the nature of the creation. In China, acupressure was developed long ago, based on the internal energy of the body and how to treat diseases based on the energy circulation. Many more such developments across the world surprise us as we generally think that human beings must have a lower intellect in the 'past'.

The truth related to the examples above, is, they happened in a different yuga when the consciousness was higher in the cycle. Approximately AD 500 was least in the cycle and this explains crucifixion of Christ due to ignorance when the level of consciousness was very low. You can find more detailed discussion in the full version of this article mentioned above.

Does this mean that we are puppets of time?

Absolutely not. Time has an inherent influence on us but we also have a free will to put effort and develop our understanding and consciousness. We can't take the excuse of time or yugas for our bad or unreasonable deeds.

Infact, astrology also developed based on the same celestial movements. However human beings got the power to use the mind and will power to get better and we need not resign to our fate dictated by astrology. Sri Yukteswar who himself, was a great astrologist said 'Superstitious awe of astrology makes one an automation, slavishly dependent on mechanical guidance. The wise man defeats his planets - which is to say his past'. Read more about Sri Yukteswar's views on astrology.

The message is very clear. It is helpful to know the understanding of external influences like Yuga cycle. However we need to put our own effort to develop our consciousness instead of depending upon the time.

Kali yuga 2012

Many believe that this is Kali Yuga. Being the end of four Yugas, it is also believed that Kali Yuga is end of the world. Does this mean there is a truth in end of the world 2012?

  • This is not Kali Yuga but we are in the ascending Dwapara Yuga as Sri Yukteswar explained. That means our consciousness is gradually increasing.
  • The four yugas are in a cycle. Even when it is end of the cycle in Kaliyuga, another cycle starts  again with ascending Kali Yuga, Dwapara Yuga etc.
  • Any division of Yugas or any calendar does not indicate a strict cut-off by date - just as we say winter comes in December does not mean it actually starts on December 1st. Because of this Sri Yukteswar explains that the change from one Yuga to another, or a shift in consciousness, is a gradual transition and the transition period is called Sandhi (Sandhi literally means conjunction or connection in Sanskrit, in this case represents the transition period. Every Yuga has 10% transition period on both sides).
  • Because the present Yuga is in ascending cycle of consciousness, the end of the world is not near by. However it seems that the references to end of a cycle (2012) in the Mayan calendar do indicate a major shift in the consciousness which already started happening.

More detailed discussion on Yugas can be found in the pdf download below.

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