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Swami Sri Yukteswar - Childhood stories

In the autobiography Yogananda recalls these stories as told by Sri Yukteswar in their first meeting at his Ashram.

The first one relates to his mother trying to frighten Sri Yukteswar by telling horror stories about a ghost in a dark room. Immediately Sri Yukteswar goes to the dark room and expresses disappointment over not finding the Ghost. His mother never again tells him any horror tales. Moral: Look directly in the face of fear and you will never be troubled by it again. 

The second story is about his interest for an ugly dog belonging to a neighbour. Sri Yukteswar keeps demanding for it despite offers of other pets with better appearance. Moral in his own words: ’Attachment is blinding. It lends an imaginary halo of attractiveness to the object of desire’ 

The third story is about how our mind gets moulded during childhood. During his young years, he often heard from his mother that who ever works for some one else is a slave. This opinion got strongly embedded in his mind and in later years, he never took up a job. He earned his living by investing in his family property. Moral: Suggestions are easily planted in children and so good and positive suggestions only should be instructed to young children. 

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