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Inspiration from Start getting everything you ever wanted by Adrian Calabrese, Ph D


That Free Will Thing

(Chapter 2, Karma, Reincarnation and Lessons)

The ability to get the things we want is our gift from the Universe to help make our spiritual journey fun. We use our freewill and psychic common sense to draw our heart's desires to us. Learning how to master and use these talents ensures that we enjoy the ride.

Commentary: Our souls came to earth taking physical birth in order to gain understanding and eventually achieve realization of our true nature. But at the same time we as physical beings, are bound by the earlier plans made by us before we came here, our past Karma and divine inclinations.

So here the question of free will comes. Many people understand Karma as if it is the driving force and we have nothing to do. If any thing happens in their lives, they say it is all their Karma. But don't we have any free will to make our own decisions in our lives?

The point here is Karma just represents our past thoughts, words and actions. If I develop fear due to something and act out of fear, it is indeed the effect of my past or Karma, however putting effort to remove this fear is in my hands. I can put effort only when I realize that Karma is not unbeatable.

Similarly many people blindly believe in astrology and horoscopes and fail to put self effort. While astrology and such sciences indeed suggest possible path in our lives based on our past, our own thoughts and present effort dictates our future. If we resign ourselves to a fate and don't put efforts, we are indeed puppets our past nature. A strong determination coupled with hard work takes us to where ever we want.

In this para, the author Adrian Calabrese emphasizes the need to use our free will in order to draw to ourselves whatever we want. This is not only required to be happy in our lives, but also essential for our spiritual path. Mastering to use our mind and freewill in order to create the present, irrespective of our past is a talent we need to develop. This task is fun, gives us happiness and important in our spiritual path.

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