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The Boy Who Met Jesus: Segatashya of Kibeho
Immaculee Ilibagiza and Steve Erwin



















 Immaculee Ilibagiza author of The boy who met Jesus


















The boy who met Jesus 




This is the wonderful story of Segatashya, a farm boy who lived in a remote village of Africa, who met Jesus and devoted his short life for spreading the message of God.  


During the early 1980s, some girls from a school in Kibeho village, in the country of Rwanda, in Africa, had apparitions of Virgin Mary. During that time Segatashya who was a young boy living with his parents nearby also started having apparitions from Jesus Christ. Subsequently he was asked by Jesus to join the girls in the school for public appearances during their visions. 


The sessions of the visionaries when they had meetings with Virgin May and Jesus Christ in case of Segatashya were open to large number of people. During that time, church ordered enquiry into the genuineness of the visions. The enquiry commission consisting of eminent personalities both from church and society observed the phenomena, recorded the sessions and interviewed visionaries for many years, almost two decades. Finally the enquiry commission report concluded that the visions are indeed genuine.  


In 2001, the Vatican, approved the apparitions of the Virgin Mary experienced by the three young school girls of Kibeho during 1981 to 1989. Though the church did not approve visions of Segatashya yet, it is also a matter of time because the enquiry report clearly established that his visions and messages are genuine. 


About Immaculee Ilibagiza


The author Immaculee lived in a village near Kibeho and was continuously following the broadcast of visions when she was just 11 years old. She could not meet the visionaries during that time but developed a strong connection by hearing the radio as well as from the family members and relatives. She felt a special connection with Segatashya. In an unfortunate turn of events, a genocide happened in Rwanda in later years where millions of innocent people were killed by religious fanatics. The author's family, almost all the village population and Segatashya also was killed during that time. As per the direction of Jesus, Segatashya spread the message of love by travelling the area during the time. Immaculee who always felt a strong connection with him was guided to spread the same message further across the world and the present book is devoted for that purpose. 


The author actually was able to meet Segatashya during his life time, the details of which were given in the epilogue of this book. 


The message of Jesus through Segatashya 


Jesus as he appeared to Segatashya from time to time gave one central message about the need to develop love towards each other, especially in view of the bad days and end of the world - probably indicating the genocide that was to happen after a decade in that area. 


The other part of the messages from Jesus and Virgin Mary were related to how to pray, how to understand religious and spiritual teachings etc.  


It is to be noted that Segatashya never had any schooling and he could not read. But he quoted from the Bible and explained spiritual messages fluently. In fact his family had not even went to a church when his visions started. Segatashya explained later that Jesus chose him in order to demonstrate that all are equal to him irrespective of religious affiliation. The childhood innocence he shows during his sessions with Jesus demanding for answers and explanation so that he can carry the message to the world more effectively, gets the readers' special attention. 


Many of the coincidences and miracles experienced by visionaries and others around them clearly establish that God's will was under way.  



Some good quotes from the book 



  • Jesus is saying that he gave you thunder so you would listen to his messages and not ask for miracles that have no meaning...because your lives are miracles. A true miracle is a child in the womb; a mother's love is a miracle; a forgiving heart is a miracle. Your lives are filled with miracles, but you are too distracted by material things to see them. 
  • I won't ask you to leave your religion to become Catholic. Rather, I will ask you to continue to believe sincerely in what your religion teaches you. If your religion teaches to love in the ways of God, then follow the commandments they give you, and nothing will stop you from going to heaven. You must follow the promises you made to that Religion. 





This is a captivating and wonderful book with a great spiritual message. Irrespective of religious preferences, the message of love is the greatest necessity for the present world. The author's effort to spread the message of Segatashya is commendable. 




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