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Extracts from The Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar

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 The Holy Science Book  

Kaivalya Darshanam    

The Holy Science

Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri

Chapter II   

Abhishtam    The Goal  


Sutra 22


Transliteration of Sanskrit sloka   

Tada Sarva kama purnau paramardha siddhi kath gunanam prathiprasava

Atmanah swarupa prathistha, Tadeva Kaivalyam |22|  

All fulfillments of his nature attained, man is not merely a reflector of divine light but becomes actively united with Spirit. This state is Kaivalya, oneness.



How man finds salvation. In this state, all the necessities having been attained and the ultimate aim effected, the heart becomes perfectly purified and, instead of merely reflecting the spiritual light, actively manifests the same. Man, being thus consecrated or anointed by the Holy Spirit, becomes Christ, the anointed Savior. Entering the kingdom of Spiritual Light, he becomes the Son of God.

In this state man comprehends his Self as a fragment of the Universal Holy Spirit, and, abandoning the vain idea of his separate existence, unifies himself with the Eternal Spirit; that is, becomes one and the same with God the Father. This unification of Self with God is Kaivalya, which is the Ultimate Object of all created beings. See John 14:11.

"Believe me that I am in the Father, and the Father in me."


   The Holy Science Book is published by Self-Realization Fellowship,  3880 San Rafael Avenue, Los Angeles, California, 90065, U.S.A and copyrighted by them. Here we are providing a few sample extracts from the book for the  benefit of those who are interested.


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