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Extracts from The Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar

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 The Holy Science Book  

Kaivalya Darshanam     

The Holy Science

Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri

Chapter III    

Sadhanam   The Procedure    

Sutra 28



Transliteration of Sanskrit sloka   

Bhuvarloke brahmanah dwitiya pada sukshmantar jagath prakashad dwaparah, jeevasya  

Dvijatwascha, tada chintasya kshiptatwantasya vrittirvikalpa: |28|  


Entering Bhuwarloka ("air" or "the world of becoming") man becomes a Dvija or "twice born." He comprehends the second portion of material creation - that of finer, subtler forces. This state of mind is prevalent in Dwapara Yuga. 


Dvija or twice born: When man, being baptized, begins to repent and move back towards the Eternal Father and, withdrawing his self from the gross material world, Bhuloka, enters into the world of fine matter, Bhuvarloka, he is said to belong to the Dvija or twice-born class. In this state he comprehends his internal electricities, the second fine material portion of the creation; and understands that the existence of the external is substantially nothing but mere coalescence or union of his fine internal objects of sense (the negative attributes of electricities) with his five organs of sense (the positive attributes) through his five organs of action (the neutralizing attributes of the same), caused by the operation of his mind and conscience (consciousness).

The steady heart. This state of man is Dwapara; and when this becomes the general state of human beings naturally in any solar system, the whole of that system is said to be in Dwapara Yuga. In this Dwapara state the heart becomes steady.

If man continues in the baptized state, remaining immersed in the holy stream, he gradually comes to a pleasant state where in his heart wholly abandons the ideas of the external world and becomes devoted to the internal one.

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