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Inspiration from the book The Saint, The Surfer and The CEO by Robin Sharma

extract from the chapter The Stained Glass Window

 "Yes. We see the world not as it is but as we are," Father Mike observed. "Each one of us walks out into the world every day and thinks that the way we experience the world before us is the experience of truth. But that's more of our arrogance peeping through and our denial at play. The truth in any situation is colored by our internal stained glass window, which acts as our filter on the world. And just as that glass up there takes the light striking it and colors it, every belief, fear, assumption, and bias we carry with us colors our experience of the moment.

Commentary: In these words, Robin Sharma spells an explains an important spiritual truth. As we grow, we develop various thoughts, beliefs and other emotions, all of them cover our mind like a filter or stained glass and we see the world with our jaundiced eyes.

What we see in this world does not represent an absolute truth, instead it just represents our own perceptions, mostly biased.

And every person has his/her own distorted perceptions and when we interact with each other, these distortions blind us and prevent us from understanding the real truth. It is like the story of the elephant and four blind men.

All of us strongly feel about us perceptions, we strongly believe that we are right in our own sense and think that all others are wrong. In this process we fail to realize and understand our own biases.

This stain glass or filter in us prevents us from the real understanding and real growth either materially or spiritually. We need to actively put effort to identify our filters and clear them.

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