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Truth is One

All religions and philosophies have been saying this for long and science is discovering the underlying unity of everything gradually.

Consider a big glass tank half full of water. The outside temperature is controlled in such a way that one side water got frozen into ice and on the other side, water is boiling giving steam. So now the whole tank is filled with liquid water, ice and steam. Imagine that some ice is used to make some dolls of various shapes and sizes. Then add some intelligence into the dolls so that they are aware of their presence. Then what do the dolls think? Though these self thinking dolls may consider the atmosphere and things inside the tank as different, one who knows all considers everything as same.

Great saints say our universe is exactly like that. All things are made of the same material (actually it is not 'material' but energy or universal consciousness) and the only difference they appear different is because of the difference in vibration just as in the case of ice, water and steam.

This understanding even by inference gives raise to many related laws of nature:

Law of attraction: When we look at every thing as vibration, it is easy to understand that like attracts like. This also gives rise to solutions to many of our problems - to get anything what we want we only need to synchronize our vibration with what we want.

Law of Karma: I think this is the super set of all laws. Law of Karma states that we reap what we sow. Generally the law is interpreted in terms of action but the action starts with thinking. It is important to mind our thoughts first. Based on our thoughts, we create our vibration and based on our vibration, we attract situations and people into our lives. We can indeed shape our lives by keeping a watch on our thoughts.

More about these in later articles.

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