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We'll meet again
Deathbed visions - who you meet when you die

by Colm Keane

For those, who are afraid of death, this book presents a comforting answer. What happens when we die? All religions may have detailed answers but scientists don't agree and ordinary people can't believe. The only way to understand such phenomena is by self experience.

We'll meet again is a result of vast research conducted by the author by recording hundreds of deathbed experiences as told by people who were present near the dying and also other types of experiences. This book may not provide a 'proof' of heaven if you are looking for one, but it does provide an understanding and comfort to those needed.

The author points out that according to an Irish study, 62% people experience deathbed visions. However the actual figure may be even more because many dying may not have an opportunity to describe their experiences to anyone - such as in coma, sedation, accidents or being alone. So it seems that the deathbed visions are universal in nature and they are very similar to near death experiences. In case of near death experiences, the person comes back from death, where as in deathbed vision, its not the case.

Structure and Contents Of The Book

The book is divided into 5 chapters apart from introduction.

In the first chapter 'Joyous Reunions', Keane explains the nature of visions, previous research done in this field, including references in classical literature and scientific objections.

The deathbed visions normally include visions of dead parents, spouses, children or friends. some times the dying may see angels and religious figures. In some other situations, the visions may include scenes of great tranquility involving beautiful landscapes, intense colors and light. The visions are always accompanied by great happiness and peace and their fears are replaced by calmness.

In the second chapter 'Deathbed Visions', the author provides a number of real experiences taken from his study. The experiences show a number of people describing their first hand experience of their loved ones witnessing deceased relatives, friends or close ones. In some cases even the attendants also could watch the visions.

In the third chapter, author provides 'near-death encounters'. Near death experiences also are very similar to deathbed experiences. In a number of cases, the common aspect is meeting the deceased.

The fourth chapter is 'Other visitations' describes experiences other than deathbed or near-death, which can be called psychic experiences.

These experiences involved strange fore-warnings, vivid dreams, unexplainable physical sensations, inexplicable lights and similar phenomena.

For example, Martin from Waterford city describes a peculiar experience during his mother's death. After her last breath in hospital, in a surprising way, the door of the room got opened by itself along with a gush of wind and then it got closed as if some one went out of the door. This was seen by all those present at that time around his mother's hospital bed. They all felt as if her spirit was leaving through the door way.

In the final chapter 'The Visions Debate', Author discusses scientific objections to deathbed experiences. Quoting from 1977 exhaustive research study conducted by Dr Karlis Osis and Dr Erlendur Haraldsson, which involved 50000 terminally ill patients, 1000 doctors and nurses and two countries - India and USA, he points out that out of those who had deathbed visions,
- 61 per cent had not received any sedatives
- only 19 per cent received drugs that too mild

So this rules out the scientific objections which say these experiences are hallucinations caused by sedatives or drugs.

Also the visions had no relationship with the religious belief system of the individual and people across all faiths experienced them, showing once again that, the nature of spirituality is universal.

This book provides fascinating detail of real time experiences giving comfort, peace and assurance about what we are going to face when we cross the unseen and unknown doorway.

Here are some good quotes from the book We'll Meet Again:

These visions have a profound impact on those who are passing away. They normally bring serenity, contentment, peace of mind and result in 'good death'. Apprehensions and fear disappear.

I found what had happened with my mother was very reassuring and helpful and it made me understand what death is about. I believe what had occurred was that her family were coming to take her across. - one of the witnesses of deathbed vision of his mother.

What occurred gave me great spiritual peace. I knew my mother was at peace and I now know I will be with her one day and at peace, too. If I died tomorrow, it wouldn't matter to me. It has taken all the fear away.  - From the narration of a witness, Marion, who saw her mother's deathbed vision in April 2002

I think it is spirits who come to us in our hour of need. They are along side us every step of the way; it's just that we don't realize it. I think that the reason we don't see them is because we build up our own barriers. - From Martina's experience who was visited by her deceased grandmothers.

Interesting Aspects

In this book, Colm Keane provides some interesting references to visions by famous personalities such as William Wordsworth, and more recently Apple founder Steve Jobs apart from literary references to Plato, Socrates, Shakespeare and Bible. 

About the Author Colm Keane

Colm Keane has written 22 books including the best sellers: Going home:Irish Stories from the edge of death, Padre Pio:The Irish Connection and Nervous Breakdown. As a broadcaster, he won a Jacob's Award and a Glaxo Fellowship for European Science Writers.

Publishers: Penguin, Ireland. (www.penguin.com)

Some Books by Colm Keane:

We'll Meet Again

Going Home: Irish Stories from the Edge of Death - Near-death Journeys, Out-of-body Travel, Death-bed Visions

The Distant Shore: More Irish Stories from the Edge of Death - Near-death Experiences, Visions and Premonitions

Forewarned: Extraordinary Irish Stories of Premonitions and Dreams

Padre Pio: the Scent of Roses: Irish Miracles and Cures

Disclosure: An electronic copy of the book 'We'll meet again has been provided free by publishers -Penguin, Ireland to minsobooks.com for the purpose of book review . This review is not influenced by this fact and the reviews at minsobooks are always unbiased. Please also read our Earnings Disclaimer here.

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