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You Can Create An Exceptional Life
Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson































You can create an exceptional life  



Knowing the philosophical and spiritual concepts - is one thing, applying them to life is another thing. There are many who understand the concepts well but find it difficult to apply to practical life. In this book 'You can create an exceptional life', you can find a practical guide to applying higher concepts from the people who have successfully applied them.  


This essence of this book is derived from the combined wisdom of Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson. Various important topics woven into their conversations, they flow seamlessly from their experiences to readers' minds. 




There are seven chapters in this book, which actually can be called phases of life rather than chapters. Or probably we can say they are the seven hues of life rainbow. And briefly, here are the points to sum up: 


- In the first two chapters the gist of basic concepts is given. We are the creators of our own lives. By changing our thinking, we can change our lives for the better. Louise Hay explains the concepts using her own experiences in life as Cheryl leads the conversation. It is nice to read her own life story, how her first book ‘Heal Your Body’ started as a small booklet to how her publishing house became a great success. You can't disagree with her 'Every thing happens for a reason and everything is perfect' 



- Chapter 3: How you start your day is how you live your day. The chapter heading says it all. This chapter contains very useful hints on how to change our perspective, how to start the day right and even how to teach your child the right perspective.


Chapter 4: How you live your day is how you live your life: A natural sequel to the previous chapter. Taking day to day practical activities which are seemingly simple, Louise Hay explains how we can create our day.


Chapter 5: About dissolving habits using affirmations. Infact every chapter is full of great practical affirmations that can be practised to change our thinking, perspective and habits.


Chapter 6 and 7: Last two chapters are about how to age gracefully and about how to meet death gracefully.  


Highlights of 'You can create an Exceptional Life' 


Louise Hay's books and concepts are not new but in this new book, two things are special: (a) Her concepts are applied to various stages of life in a practical manner (b) The application and experience is given prominence over the theory of concept itself. 


The compilation of affirmations for different situations at the end of the book acts as a great reference whenever you need. 


Some good quotes from the book 


  • We are powerful, creative beings who determine our future with every thought we think and every word we speak. 
  • The first hour of the morning is crucial. How you spend it will determine your experience for the rest of the day. 
  • The beauty of awareness is that it interrupts a pattern. Bringing attention to our inner conversations - the things we say to ourselves every single day - is a way of becoming present to the truth. 
  • We need to support ourselves with our words instead of tearing ourselves down. 
  • We want to encourage people to think about and prepare for the end of their lives in a comforting way. 

Is this book for you? 


This is a wonderful book that can help any one as an application guide. If you need more elaboration on Louise hay’s basic concepts, you can refer to her earlier books 'Heal Your Body' and 'You Can Heal Your Life. 


About the Authors 


Louise Hay is one of the pioneers in raising awareness on mind body connection. She is the author of best selling books such as 'Heal your body' and 'You can heal your life'. For more than 25 years, she has been helping people by metaphysical healing either through her books or speeches and counselling. 


Cheryl Richardson is the NYT best selling author of 'Take Time for your Life', 'Stand up for your Life' among others. She leads large web communities focussed on helping people improve the quality of their lives.


Cheryl Richardson also conducts workshops for experienced professionals called Speak, Write & Promote: Become a Mover & Shaker with an objective to cultivate new, conscious leaders in the self-empowerment field.



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